10 Most Exciting Places to Visit in Kenya

Here are some of the best places to visit in Kenya. Kenya is clothed with natural beauty that provides many exciting places to visit for any tourist. These places are spread throughout the country and can be accessed easily, whether you are on a tour or business.

The following list includes some of the most thrilling places to visit in Kenya.

1. Best Places to Visit in Kenya: Maasai Mara National Reserve

This is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Kenya and Africa. It is also one of the world’s finest destinations. You will hardly miss an exciting chance of seeing the Big Five – Elephant, Lion, Buffalo, Rhino, and Leopard. About 95 species of animals and 400 bird species have been recorded on Maasai Mara.

The annual wildebeest migration is the most remarkable attraction in Maasai Mara National Reserve. The Wildebeest migration is among the world’s greatest wildlife spectacles. The wildebeest migration takes place from July to October every year. Over 1.5 million wild animals migrate from the neighboring Tanzania into the Maasai Mara National Reserve in search for greener pastures.

You will also see the Maasai people in their traditional red blanket outfit and beaded jewelry. You will see inside their Manyattas and how they live in harmony with nature.

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2. Places to Visit in Kenya: Kenyan Coast

The Kenyan coast has year-round warm temperatures that are excellent for adventure, leisure, fun, and swimming. The 1,420 km coastline shines with beautiful palm-fringed sandy beaches. The coast offers various accommodation places from five-star hotels to seaside guesthouses.

The Kenyan coast is dotted with ocean-facing hotels that are located strategically along the coast and poised to benefit from local and international tourists. You can tour exciting attractions in Mombasa. They can also engage in various water sports including kite surfing, waterskiing, windsurfing, dhow sailing, snorkeling, and kayaking.

Diani Beach offers some of the most exclusive tourists’ destinations in Kenya. It is an ideal destination for Kenya beach holidays. Diani Beach resorts have breathtaking shiny-white-sand beaches that are set on the breezy shores of the Indian Ocean.

If you want to unwind, the Kenyan coast is the perfect place to relax and sunbathe. The coral reefs and marine parks at the coast are habitats to colorful fish and dolphins.

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3. Places to Visit in Kenya: Lamu

Lamu is located on the north-most part of the Kenya coastline. Lamu is a perfect destination for holidaymakers and honeymooners who want to experience a relaxed environment, far from the fast-paced modern lifestyle. Lamu Town has quaint narrow streets and many buildings are very old. The latter clearly confirms that Lamu is the oldest town in Kenya.

The absence of cars in Lamu Island epitomizes the quiet, slow and gentle lifestyle in Lamu. The slow-paced way of life makes Lamu an ideal place for relaxing and unwinding. Lamu is an Island and therefore the usual way to arrive there is sailing across by dhow or motor boat.

There are various accommodation options ranging from guesthouses to hotels that overlook the ocean. Lamu cultural festival is one of the events in Lamu that usually takes place in November every year.

4. Best Places to Visit in Kenya: Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is renowned for its amazing views of the African grasslands and dramatic scenery. A third of the park is covered by Lake Amboseli. The dry areas in the park contrast beautifully with the swampy areas and riverine forest.

There are lots of elephants in Amboseli. In fact, some of the largest elephants in Kenya and Africa are in this park. The snow-capped Mt Kilimanjaro offers a wonderful setting for game viewing. While in Amboseli National Park, you will have an opportunity to see lions, hippos, antelopes, crocodiles, various bird species and other small mammals.

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5. Best Places to Visit in Kenya: Mount Kenya

 Mt Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second highest in Africa. Its height is 5,199 meters. Even for experienced mountain climbers, the mountain offers natural beauty and a challenge that is difficult to beat.

Though fewer people climb Mount Kenya than the neighboring Mt Kilimanjaro, those who do, normally say that it offers a more interesting climb. This is because Mt Kenya has varied zones of sceneries and vegetation as you climb. From lush moorlands, acacia studied plains, to barren alpine zones covered in snow, to the final rocky zone.

The beauty and toughness of climbing Mt Kenya have gripped the imagination of many adventurers for over a century.

6. Places to Visit in Kenya: Samburu

 Shaba National Reserve and Samburu Buffalo Springs are located in the northern Kenya. This region is hot and arid with acacia woodland. Samburu has a wide variety of endangered and rare animals that are not seen in other national parks and reserves in Kenya.

One of these amazing animals is the long-necked gerenuk. This is an antelope that stands on two legs to eat. Other rare animals include Grevy’s zebra, Beisa Oryx, and reticulated giraffe.

In addition, Samburu National Reserve is home to many leopards, elephants, and cheetah.

You will also have an opportunity to see large flocks of various bird species such as the pygmy falcon, sandgrouse, and guinea fowl. The tall Samburu people dressed in colorful attire and their homesteads are an additional attraction.

7. Best Places to Visit in Kenya: Tsavo National Park

Tsavo National Park is the largest game park in Kenya. Its closeness to the coast makes it a popular safari destination. Tsavo is easily accessible from Nairobi or Mombasa through the Nairobi-Mombasa highway.

Tsavo National Park has diverse landscapes that range from lakes, mountains, plains, river forest, scrubland with lots of baobab trees to wooded grasslands. The unspoiled landscapes in Tsavo may make you imagine that, probably, all East Africa once looked like this.

Tsavo is a habitat for the big five, lots of elephants and many other wild animals. Mzima Springs is an interesting place to visit in the Tsavo West National Park. It has an underwater viewing chamber, nature walks, rapids, and hippo pools. The Chaimu crater, caves, and the black lava outcrops at Shetani are other interesting places to visit.

8. Visiting Kenya: Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru is part of Nakuru National Park. It is an interesting game-viewing site with many Rhinos. Lake Nakuru offers the most captivating views of rhinos and the excellent hunter- leopard. Lake Nakuru has been described as the greatest bird spectacle in the world due to the hundreds of thousands of flamingos that flock in the lake throughout the year. These birds are attracted by the abundance of algae in the lake.

Other animals that you will see here include the lion, hyena, pelicans, giraffe, hippo, and bat-eared fox. An exciting spectacle is the daily bathing custom and fishing of the expansive number of pelicans on the southern edge of the lake.

Lake Nakuru is attractive and the park has varied terrain with cliff top views, open savannah, acacia forest, and of course the lake shore where you can see flamingos and pelicans from a close distance.

9. Visit Kenya: Aberdare National Park

Aberdare National Park has an amazing landscape ranging from rivers, waterfalls, mountain peaks to deep valley streams. The Aberdare offers you a cooler experience in a forest reserve environment. You will enjoy staying in tree-house hotels, that is, the ‘Treetops’ and ‘The Ark’. From the top, you normally have splendid views of animals that flock the adjacent waterholes.

Some of the main attractions here include Karuru Falls (the tallest waterfalls in Kenya), Gura Falls (In1959, Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip had a picnic here), the hideouts for Kenya freedom fighter- Dedan Kimathi, black Rhinos (the 2nd largest population of black Rhino), and the Mau Mau freedom fighters caves.

Here are the things to do in the Aberdares: hiking in the forest, mountain climbing, Picnics and camping in the moorlands, and sports fishing in the mountain rivers.

10. Best Places to Visit in Kenya: Lake Naivasha

 Naivasha is an Hour’s drive from Nairobi. The town is located 100 km northwest of the capital city. Lake Naivasha is one of the places to visit around Naivasha. Boat rides around the lake take about an hour and a half. It is advisable to visit the lake in the morning hours because the water gets choppy in the afternoon hours.

The boats make stop-overs around the island for game-viewing. In fact, you can tour the Crescent Island on foot and get close to nature. The island has some small animals which are not dangerous to humans.

While in Naivasha, you can also visit and climb Mt Longonot. Other places to visit here include Hell’s Gate National Park and the geothermal power project. Accommodation in Naivasha ranges from self-catering cottages to posh 5-star hotels.

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