Why Jackie Maribe was Remanded for 10 More Days

Jackie Maribe was today produced at a Kiambu court in relation to the murder of Monicah Kimani. Maribe was arrested on Saturday and will be remanded for 10 more days from today. This was after the Kiambu court declined the plead by her lawyer to have her released today. Kiambu Principal Magistrate Justus Kituku directed this in order to allow the police to finish pending investigation.

During the court proceedings, the persecution had requested to have her remanded for 14 days. This was to enable collection of DNA samples from her and analysis of the same. In addition, the prosecution argued that they needed more statements from the Maribe’s workmates.

Maribe’s lawyer informed the court that his client was being forced to record statements. On this matter, the magistrate directed that she should not be forced to record any statement in the absence of her lawyer.

It is said that Jackie Maribe knew that her fiance, Joseph Irungu, had carried out a crime. However, she chose not to hint the same to the police – maybe she was afraid of having her name tainted in the process. But as it turned out, her worst fears dawned on her. Jackie Maribe is a news anchor at Citizen TV.

Jackie Maribe and Fiance

Jackie’s fiance is the main suspect in this case. In view of this, the prosecutors of this case are accusing Jackie of having a link to Monica’s murder. The prosecutor insisted that she should be remanded because she might interfere with the ongoing investigations.

Jackie Maribe and Fiance

Ever since Maribe’s story was featured by news sources, the news anchor seems to have lost her personal friends. The case has distanced her from both her colleagues and other friends including those who went to her engagement party.

As noted by Venanews, Jackie’s close friends are going ahead with their ordinary lives without being troubled by the arrest of their dear friend. One of her companions was caught saying that everyone should deal with her misfortunes. This is an indirect suggestion that Jackie should carry her own cross.

However, in her unfortunate occasion, her family has stood with her, including offering to accompany her to the courts and police headquarters.

What is shocking about this case is that Jackie Maribe was one of the news anchors who read the news about Monica’s murder on Citizen TV. She even proceeded to disclose to Citizen TV viewers that the murder was being investigated by the police. Little did she know that investigation officers would be coming for her.

Also in police custody is Jackie’s neighbor, Kasaine Spira, in whose house a pistol was found. The investigators believe that Irungu used that pistol to shoot himself. Jackie Maribe’s vehicle is also being held by the police since it is alleged that it was spotted at Monica’s residence at Kilimani, Nairobi on that fateful night.

If Jackie Maribe and her fiance are found guilty, they might be imprisoned for life.

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