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Many people have been victims of solo female travel myths. Misconceptions about traveling alone exist mainly because a person has not traveled overseas to prove those myths. While some people think that solo travel may be lonely and dangerous, others think that it may imply that one does not have any friends. Moreover, some women think that traveling alone will make them a target of terrible things. At first, sole female travel may sound like a non-option, when you imagine who would want to travel across various wonderful places alone.

Many solo female travelers usually go on their own out of the realization that no one has the time to travel with them. Your friends may be busy working on their careers the period that you have taken a break to travel. In that case, do you wait for them? I guess no; you will proceed on with your trip.

If you travel alone, you will discover that solo female travel myths are dead wrong. It is not dangerous, you do not need to be overly brave, and you will not be lonely. In fact, sole travelers do not regret, rather, they appreciate that their trip was way better. One has more freedom, builds confidence and makes many new friends. It is not easy to get such benefits when traveling with a group of friends.

So for those who still hold the perception that travelling alone is boring, lonely and dangerous, here are the common solo female travel myths and why they are incorrect.

Common solo female travel myths

1. Solo traveling is for singles

Solo Female Travel Myths Walk

If you have not traveled and met people with different backgrounds and stories, you are likely to think that solo travelers do not have a significant other. Others may think that people with a partner or family cannot travel solo. If they do, then, they are either getting away from their commitments or are not in good terms with their partner. However, all these are misconceptions that people believe in.

Partners may have varied interests, and relationship experts say that this is healthy for any relationship. Sometimes it is impossible for a partner to get a break from work. Other companions may make a deliberate decision to go on a solo adventure in order to soul-search. Usually, partners do this just for a part of their trip and then meet back again. While there may be many solo female travelers out there, there is also a considerable number of those who are in relationships. This means people in relationships can have a perfect trip by themselves just like singles.

2. Solo female travel is lonely

It is very scary when you image that, by travelling alone, you might be very lonely in your entire trip. No one would want to travel to amazing places all by herself. Most people will be worried about a lonely trip even before they begin travelling. However, the truth is that by travelling alone, you are bound to make new friends everywhere you go.

When you travel solo, you will soon realize that you are not the only one traveling alone. If you asked the people you are travelling with, be it in an airplane or bus, you will be surprised at the number of sole travelers on board. These days, many women are considering sole travelling as a realistic option. Naturally, people who are traveling alone are pretty friendly and outgoing. So like other solo female travel myths, this one is long dead.

3. Solo female travelers are extraordinarily brave

Solo Female Travel Myths Sunset

Many of your friends may think that you are independent and extremely brave because of being a solo traveler. At first, many people are incredibly scared that they are journeying all alone. However, it is a common human nature to be afraid of the unknown.

By conquering the fear that is associated with solo female travel myths, solo female travelers realize that traveling alone is much easier than one would think. Besides making lots of friends, you get to enjoy wonderful places and eat what you like. So you do not have to be extraordinarily courageous and sure of everything to travel solo.

First time solo travelers struggle with getting on the plane. Once this is done, and one gets to their destination, it is surprisingly easier to get around, plan schedules and have a thrilling adventure. Cellphone connectivity, Google maps, use of the English language across the world, and translation apps have made solo traveling much easier.

4. It is dangerous for women to travel solo

If you have watched some movies, you might have seen scenarios where women are portrayed as being highly vulnerable. For example, a lady gets kidnapped and terrible things follow thereafter. Naturally, our environment and more specifically what we see plays a major role in shaping our thoughts and behavior.

Because of seeing dramatic movie stories, people may picture them to be the reality when a woman travels. Therefore, the greatest argument against solo female travel is that it is dangerous. But if you watch carefully, none of those movie protagonists travels solo. The bottom line is; those dramatic episodes are stage-managed.

By behaving as you would at home and trusting your intuitions, you will stay safe abroad, be it on the road, at the hotel room or leisure joints. If you do not walk alone at night or get overly drunk while at home, avoid such altogether abroad. Talk to the locals and keep up-to-date with the local news in order to know where and when you should go.

So this misconception is wrong, just like other solo female travel myths. The fact that millions of women travel across the world on a daily basis is an assurance that solo adventure is safe and doable.

5. You will get unwanted attention

It is common for one to get annoying attention either at home or abroad. Some people may look at you unappealingly as you walk on the streets. You may get unwanted attention when getting into your car, and so on. Unwanted attention is indeed annoying, but you should never let it keep you from enjoying your sole trip.

Ladies can deal with this kind of attention by understanding the modesty requirements of a particular country or race and dressing accordingly. Some ladies suggest that one can avoid uninvited attention by wearing a wedding band. Another great way for a lady to stand her ground is to be respectfully assertive, very confident, and look people in the eye.

By being a woman, one may not be immune from unwanted advances and catcalls in some countries. However, in many parts of the world, sole women travelers are respected and treated kindly.

6. You get to do everything all alone

While a sole female adventurer does everything herself, she is free to do it when she wants. Making all decisions alone is the greatest benefit of a solo traveler. You do not mind whether the other person is having a great time. Also, one does not care about attending to another person’s needs or concerns.

This means a solo traveler can have more serendipitous fun by virtue of being alone. Making decisions swiftly is a great benefit of being alone. If you are stuck or require guidance, you can simply ask a friend what activity or hotel they liked. You can also ask one of the service people how to get around. So people forget that attending to and planning for two or more people is lots more tasking than it is for a solo adventurer to attend to her tasks.

To wrap up, sole female travel myths exists just in the minds and not in reality. It is not boring, dangerous or lonely for a woman to travel alone. It is indeed advantageous to be completely free as you travel. It is such a great thing for a solo female traveler to go where she wants the time that she chooses without being answerable to anyone.

The population of solo female travelers keeps on growing year after year because of the benefits of solo traveling, right? What was your experience? If you have not traveled alone, try it out and find whether you will prove your misconceptions about solo female travel myths.

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