Hotels in Kisumu: List of the Best Kisumu Hotels

This is a list of the best Hotels in Kisumu. This article features both luxury and cheap Kisumu hotels. You can also search Kisumu hotels right from here. Some of these hotels are located in Kisumu town while others are within a radius of 10 km from town center.

Many people visit Kisumu from Thursday to Sunday. Thus if you are visiting through this period, make an early booking to avoid missing out on your preferred hotel. Hotels in Kisumu CBD are usually on high demand than others during holidays and festive seasons.

The hotel industry has embraced technology to ensure security of their clients. As such, most hotels in Kisumu are fitted with CCTV cameras. You will also find free WiFi in most Kisumu Hotels.

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Whether you are on holiday or business, the following hotels in Kisumu will definitely provide the services and comfort that suits your budget.

Best Hotels in Kisumu

  1. Acacia Hotel Kisumu
  2. Dream House Hotel Kisumu
  3. Great Lakes Hotel
  4. Highlanes Hotel
  5. Hill Side Hotel
  6. Hotel Dewchurch Drive
  7. Hotel Mamba
  8. Hotel Marina Kisumu
  9. Hotel Marina Kisumu
  10. Hotel Natasha
  11. Hotel Palmers
  12. Hotel Riversand
  13. Hotel Vunduba
  14. Impala Eco Lodge
  15. Imperial Hotel Express
  16. Imperial Hotel Kisumu
  17. Joy Guest House
  18. Jumuia Hotel Kisumu
  19. Kiboko Bay Resort
  20. Kisumu Beach Resort
  21. Kisumu Hotel
  22. Lake View Hotel
  23. Lakewood Hotel
  24. Le Savanna Country Hotel and Lodge
  25. Macedonia Resort Club
  26. Mountain View Resort Kisumu
  27. New East View Hotel
  28. New Victoria Hotel
  29. New Victoria Hotel
  30. New Victoria Hotel
  31. Novelty Guest House
  32. Nyanza Club
  33. Pabaris Paradise
  34. Palmers Hotel Kisumu
  35. Parkview Safari Hotel and Apartments
  36. Pinecone Hotel
  37. Royal City Hotel
  38. Royal City Hotel Kisumu
  39. Salazar Hotel
  40. Scottish Tartan Hotel
  41. Shalom Hotel
  42. Sooper Guest House
  43. Sovereign Hotel Kisumu
  44. St Anna Guest House and Conference Centre
  45. St. Anne Guest House
  46. Sunset Hotel
  47. Sunset Hotel Kisumu
  48. The Triple Trojans Hotel Milimani
  49. The Vic Hotel Kisumu
  50. Ukweli Pastoral Centre
  51. Victoria Comfort Inn
  52. Vittoria Suites Hotel Kisumu
  53. Whirlspring Hotel Kisumu

If we missed out on any hotel in Kisumu, feel free to tell us and we shall add it here.

Booking Hotels in Kisumu

You can search compare various hotels in Kisumu right from here. This is quick and easy, and once you identify your preferred hotel, go ahead and book right from here.

Use the following search box to choose and book hotels in Kisumu

If your favorite hotel in Kisumu is not featured here, just leave us a comment and we shall include it.

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