Accommodation Places in Kenya: Search and Book Kenya Hotels

Accommodation places in Kenya range from guest houses to luxurious 5 star hotels, which are located in cities, towns, and interiors. Kenya has over 1700 hotels, ranging from top-end luxurious hotels to bottom-end cheap affordable hotels. This means that all budgets are catered for.

The tourism industry in Kenya has developed over time, making even the most remote hotel accessible.

The capital city- Nairobi, is home to the most prestigious hotels in the country. While along the Kenya coastline, Mombasa has the best hotels and resorts with fine-white-sand beaches.

The country’s trusted brands like Hilton Hotels will give you the best value for your money.

Best Accommodation Places in Kenya

There are several luxury hotels at the very heart of Nairobi city center. In addition, you will find luxurious hotels in different towns across the country, including the 5 star hotels in Naivasha.

The Villa Rose Kempinski is the most luxurious hotel in the capital city. It is famous for hosting Heads of States. In July 2015, this prestigious hotel hosted Barack Obama, the 44 President of the United States.

Mombasa and other major towns in Kenya are also homes to 5-star hotels.

Kenya’s 1700 hotels are searchable online- right from home. All you need is internet access and resourceful hotel search site. I have discussed some trustworthy hotel search sites below.

Cheap Accommodation in Kenya

There are various options and alternatives to accommodate every budget. The cheapest hotels will cost you between $15- $20 per night for bed and breakfast. Here is a list of Nairobi cheap hotels.

The top-end luxury hotels in Kenya are as expensive as those in Europe or United States.

A full board package in middle-range hotels in Kenya will cost on average $75.

Accommodation in Nairobi is generally more expensive than other parts of the country. For instance, some top-end hotels in Mombasa will cost you same as some middle-range hotels in Nairobi. However this may depend on the season, the popularity and location of a hotel.

All said, you cannot miss out on budget accommodation places in Kenya. Below find some hotels’ searching sites that will help you choice your best accommodation option.

Search and Book Accommodation in Kenya

The following are reliable hotel websites that will help you search and book for your accommodation.

  • Hotels Combined

Hotels Combined compares various travel sites to give you the lowest prices in seconds. This hotel search system does for you, the hectic task of comparing dozens of sites. Thus any search performed on Hotels Combined gives you the best deals.

This search system also provides user reviews which will help you know other visitors’ experience in the hotel they visited. Visit the Kenya hotel deals to search for various hotels in Kenya.

  • Hostelworld

Hostelworld is another search site that you can use to confirm the results you got from Hotels Combined search systems.

Hostelworld provides reviews of cheap Kenya hotels and hostels. There are no booking fees in Hostelworld. Search and book your choice hotel at Hostelworld to avoid booking related costs.

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