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Anita Nderu is a Kenyan media personality who was born in Eldoret in 1990. Anita is a voice over artist, an emcee and a radio presenter at Capital FM. In the past, she has been a TV presenter and a news anchor. Notably, she is among the Kenyan celebrities who are gifted with a nightingale voice.

If a person does not know that Anita grew up in Eldoret, one might quickly conclude that she might have been raised in one of the high-end suburbs of Nairobi like Karen or Kileleshwa. Her sense of fashion, beauty, and cuteness drives men crazy.

Anita Nderu Style


Anita Nderu schooled at Viena College in Namgongo, Uganda. Later on she joined United States International University (USIU).

Anita Nderu Career

Before joining media, Ms Nderu worked as a personal assistant for an event organizer. One of her tasks was to deliver invitations cards to organizations and Capital FM was one of them. Since Anita had an interest in media, she always desired that her visits at Capital FM offices would last longer.

She did not like being asked to hand over the envelopes at the security desk. Rather, the radio presenter loved to be given a chance to get to the offices and find a person who would let her prove her desire and capabilities regarding the media profession.

On one Saturday morning during auditions, Anita’s desire was fulfilled. She was given a chance to prove that she had what it takes to work with the company and surely she got the job. Her first days on the new job were tough, but she learned and perfected the art of reading news and hosting radio shows. Notably, she had hosted the Teen Republic show at NTV for about two and a half years.

Anita Nderu Boyfriend

Information about Anita’s boyfriend comes as a rude shock to “team mafisi” members who have been drooling the radio presenter. So the beautiful Kenyan celebrity is taken; she has dated her boyfriend for over a decade. What is known about the boyfriend is that he is an Asian and a DJ by profession.

Anita Nderu Boyfriend

The two love adventure, quad biking, and skydiving among other leisure activities.

Anita Nderu Pregnancy Speculations

The stunning radio presenter has a huge following on Instagram: over 330, 000 followers as of February 2019. She usually post her sexy photos and ensures that her followers are engaged and entertained. So people had observed from her photos that she has a pregnancy look. This started an online debate and people were arguing whether Anita is pregnant or not.

This prompted Anita to come out and clear the air regarding the matter. The celeb explained in her blog that she was not pregnant; rather she had a paunch.

Anita Nderu Photos

Anita Nderu Cuteness
Anita Nderu Beauty

Anita Nderu Sexual Harassment

During her interview with the BBC, Ms Nderu revealed that she has been molested more than once. More specifically, Anita has been harassed sexually two times in a Matatu and once in a cab.

Here is how one of the horrible ordeal happened in a Matatu:

One morning she boarded a Matatu and headed to work. At some point while in the Matatu, a man suddenly placed his hand on Anita’s left breast. The celeb stated that she felt a cold hand resting on her bosom. Confused and shocked, she provoked the man.

While removing his hand, the man responded rudely and told her that women breast are there to be touched. She raised the matter with the Matatu conductor who just brushed off the issue.

Anita Nderu’s Family

While her mother is a Somali, Anita’s father is a Kikuyu. Thus, Anita Nderu is a product of two genes from two different countries.

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