Free To Air Decoders, Channels and Prices in Kenya

Free to air decoders in Kenya enable you to watch TV for free. This means you do not have to pay to watch television in Kenya. This list of FTA decoders provides you with the information that will enable you to make an informed choice about the decoder that suits your needs.

The good thing about a free to air decoder is that you only incur a onetime fee. These decoders are relatively cheap and are also available across the country. Free to air decoders enable you to access most of the local channels and some international channels.

Once you purchase your preferred decoder, you will enjoy your favorite programs without paying monthly TV subscriptions. So if you do not subscribe to the school of thought that one should pay for TV or you are struggling with other bills, a FTA decoder will suit you perfectly. Free to air decoders make TV viewing affordable to everyone by making it possible to access free to air channels.

Free To Air Decoders, Channels and Prices

There are over ten types of FTA decoders in Kenya and this list will continue to expand as their demand rises. More and more Kenyans are opting out of monthly subscriptions due to the rising cost of living and long lists of monthly bills. Before you purchase a decoder, ensure that it is approved by Communication Authority of Kenya.

List of Free To Air Decoders in Kenya

Here is a list of FTA decoders and their prices that will inform you about choosing the best decoder that suits your needs and budget. Note that prices may change as the companies align themselves with the expectations in the market.

  1. StarTimes free to air decoder

This decoder is owned by StarTimes Kenya, a branch of StarTimes Media International Company. StarTimes FTA decoder enables you to watch most of the local channels as well as some international channels. The one-time fee for the decoder varies depending on the package you choose, with the cheapest option costing Ksh. 3,300. A package with more channels will cost you up to Ksh. 4,200.

StarTimes Kenya offers two options. The first one is to purchase a free to air decoder by paying the one-time fee. The second option concerns people who have already purchased the StarTimes pay-tv decoder. These subscribers can convert their pay decoders to free to air decoders by paying a onetime fee of Ksh. 2,500. So if you do not want to pay further monthly TV subscription charges, just pay this amount to StarTimes Kenya and request them to convert your decoder.

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  1. Bamba FTA Decoder

The Bamba TV free to air decoder was launched in December 2014 by Lancial Digital Broadcast, a branch of Radio Africa Groups. This is among the free to air decoders that enable you to watch over 50 channels, both local and international. You can purchase a Bamba decoder at a cost of Ksh. 3,600.

According to Bamba team, you should register your decoder within 60 days after purchase. Just send your full name, ID number, phone number, decoder serial number, Bamba TV smart card number, and location to You can also dial *297# and follow the registration prompts. Once you submit these details, the Bamba customer service will register your FTA decoder. If your FTA decoder is not activated within 60 days after purchase, it will be deactivated automatically.

  1. Sonar Decoder

This is another of the FTA decoders that enable you to watch TV without worrying about monthly TV charges. The Sonar decoder is available in various shops across the country at an affordable price of Ksh. 1,741. Sonar’s FTA decoder, which was introduced in the Kenya in August 2017, is one of the cheapest free to air decoders in the country.

It gives you access to a variety of free to air channels with clear images. In addition, it has a USB port that can be used to connect a flash disk or other USB devices.

  1. ADN FTA decoder

The ADN free to air decoder is among the decoders that are available across the country. The ADN decoder comes in two different packages. Hence, you will purchase one at Ksh. 3,600 and the other at Ksh. 4,500. The ADN FTA decoder enables you to access various local channels including NTV, KTN, Citizen TV, K24, and KTN News.

The ADN decoder is known to have a strong signal. Once you purchase this decoder, you will have access to over 15 free to air channels in Kenya.

  1. Phelister FTA Decoder

This set top box gives allows you to access a variety of free to air channels in Kenya. Like other FTA decoders, you only incur a onetime cost of purchasing the gadget. As such, you watch your favorite programs without paying any viewing charges.

Phelister decoder was introduced in Kenya in May 2018. Some of the features of in this decoder include a personal video recorder (PVR), USB port, and full HD 1080P.

  1. Sky Life Decoder

Sky Life is one of the cheapest free to air decoders in Kenya, retailing at Ksh. 1,799. Being a FTA set top box, you only incur a onetime cost. This means that after purchasing the gadget, you will be able to watch television without incurring monthly charges. Sky Life decoder enables you to access more than 70 channels.

One of the impressive features of this decoder is that you can record one channel while watching another. This implies that you can enjoy all your preferred programs. Another amazing feature is that you can listen to the radio while playing games. By purchasing a Sky Life FTA decoder, you will enjoy these and much more.

  1. The Big Box

This set top box which is owned by Safaricom comes with more than 30 free to air channels. You pay a one-time fee for purchasing the decoder, which is retailing at Ksh. 4,999. The Big Box decoder, which runs on android Jelly Bean, is worth your money because it enables you to record to a USB device or a memory card.

Moreover, this FTA decoder comes with a RAM memory of 1GB and 4GB internet storage capacity. This storage capacity can be expanded using a flash drive or memory card. If you prefer this set top box from other free to air decoders, go ahead and acquire it so that you can begin your viewing experience without worrying about monthly TV charges.

  1. Hotpoint Decoder

You can purchase a Hotpoint decoder from shops and outlets across the country at an affordable price of Ksh. 3,195. The decoder comes with a one-year warranty. Hotpoint free to air decoder helps you to access over 28 channels. You access these channels without the need for a satellite disk.

  1. Technosat Ts 1500 HD

This is one of the high definition (HD) free to air decoders in Kenya. Other features include Blind scanability, and MPEG4. In addition, the decoder has a USB port and a personal video recorder (PVR).

The other great thing about Technosat Ts is that you only pay a onetime fee. Once you purchase it, you can watch various channels all for free.

  1. Thy Word Decoder

This decoder is full MPEG4, DVB T2/DVB S2. This capability allows you to access video broadcasting channels via terrestrial. You just need to pay the one-time cost for purchasing this set top box and you are good to go. You will watch TV all day without worrying about monthly TV subscription charges.

  1. Sumsu Tech DVB T2

The Sumsu Tech DVD T2 decoder enables viewers to watch more than local and international 30 TV channels. You also get to enjoy listening several radio stations. Besides watching TV and listening to radio, you can play videos and view photos from a flash drive. This is enabled by the inbuilt USB port that comes with the decoder.

Besides, this free to air decoder enables viewers to record and save their favorite programs and music. This implies that you can watch all your favorite TV programs and music.

These free to air decoders in Kenya helps you to watch TV without incurring monthly charges. This information will help you make a wise choice on purchasing a decoder that satisfies your needs and fits your budget. Remember that the prices of these decoders may change from time to time as companies adjust to the market needs.

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