Free To Air Channels in Kenya – Free To Air Decoders

Free to air channels offers high-definition pictures that are similar to those of pay-tv channels. A digital TV or a FTA decoder enables you to watch a variety of channels without paying monthly TV subscriptions. Some of the free to air channels in Kenya include NTV, KTN, Citizen TV, K24, and KBC.

The implementation of digital migration in Kenya made it possible for everyone to access digital content, either by paying for access or free of charge. Kenya began the digital migration process in 2009 when digital TV signal was launched in Nairobi by president Mwai Kibaki. Digital TV signals in Kenya re distributed by Signet and the Pan Africa Group (PANG).

During the initial phase, Kenya acquired the DVB-T digital technology. Later in 2010, the technology was upgraded to DVB-T2. This upgrade made it possible to support mobile TV, digital audio. In addition, it improved security features and enabled the support of standard and high definition.

Free To Air Set Top Boxes

DVB-T2, MPEG4 Compliant Boxes are digital TV receivers that enable you to access free to air channels. This means you do not have to pay to watch television. Besides being available at a relatively cheap price, they are compatible with your existing TV set. These boxes are best suited for people interested in local content, and of course those that do not want to pay to watch television. This means you only incur the device’s cost; no monthly TV subscriptions.

Types of Free To Air Decoders

You can watch a variety of free to air channels through the free-to-air (FTA) decoder. Due to lack of information about these decoders, some people have ended up purchasing pay-tv decoders. This happens because some people do not know any type of free-to-air decoders while others get tricked by sellers. There are several FTA decoders that have been approved by the Communication Authority of Kenya. Examples are:

  • StarTimes FTA decoder
  • Next T2 digital terrestrial receiver
  • Hot Point digital decoder

Before you purchase a FTA decoder, ensure that it is approved by the Communication Authority.

Free to Air Channels in Kenya

Free to air channels in Kenya re accessible through a FTA decoder or digital television. Here are the channels you can watch without paying monthly TV subscriptions.

List of Free To Air Channels

K24Kwese Sports Free TV
Citizen TVKBC Channel 1
Inooro TVJata TV
Sasa TVMt Kenya TV
Heritage TV3 stones TV
Kiss TV (Kalenjin)Kass TV
Family TVEdu TV
GE TVKingdom TV
Hope TVAviation TV
Property TelevisionYouth TV
Bunge TVExpress TV
Sayare TVLake Victoria TV
Fountain TVGor TV
Times TVVision TV
Senate TVRevival TV
Bazaar TVImani TV
Farmers TVUtugi TV
Daystar TVJoy Television
TV10West TV


There is no guarantee that you will access all the free to air channels in Kenya. The number of channels you can access is dependent on various factors including your location, type of aerial, and the direction your aerial is facing. For example, you will access most free channels in you face your aerial towards Limuru.

StarTimes Free To Air Channels

The StarTimes FTA decoder helps you to watch TV without accruing monthly subscriptions. You just need to pay the one-time-fee for purchasing the decoder. The decoder gives you access to local radio and TV channels for free. Some of the features of the StarTimes free to air decoder are:

  • Free local channels
  • Option to upgrade to pay-tv
  • No disc is required
  • Smart Phone and Tablet
  • No monthly TV subscription charges

Here are some of the channels you will access using the StarTimes FTA decoder.

List of StarTimes Free To Air Channels
Citizen TVNTV
GBSKwese Free Sports TV

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Bamba Free To Air Channels

The Bamba TV decoder, provided by Radio Africa Group, offers all its channels for free. In addition to the above FTA channels, the Bamba TV decoder offers additional entertainment, sport and news channels. The great aspect about Bamba TV is that it offers high definition channels. Here is a list of some of the Bamba TV free to air channels.

List of Bamba Free To Air Channels
Justice TVNollywood Movies
African Movie ChannelDove TV
Deustche WelleFashion TV
JC TVNollywood Channel
The Church ChannelWorld War Channel
Al JazeeraInspiration TV
Freckle TVFrance 24
Cars TVFilms on Reels


Bamba TV Kenya offers many other channels. The number of free to air channels you can access through the Bamba decoder depends of the strength of your aerial and the direction it faces. Besides Bamba TV channels, you can also listen to various radio channels.

Watch Free To Air Channels on Digital TV

Digital TV sets have an integrated digital receiver that enable you to watch TV without using a decoder or set top box. While digital TV sets are relatively expensive, you will not incur the costs of buying a decoder in order to watch TV. You can get huge discounts on digital TV from some of the leading shops in Kenya.

Before you purchase one, make sure it has an internal digital receiver. This is because most people have a notion that all LED TV sets are digital televisions.

Digital TV Sets in Kenya

Here are some of the models you can go for:

  • Sony Bravia 48” KDL48R470B – this model provides quality resolution and is quite durable.
  • Samsung 46” Full HD TV – offers high-definition pictures because of high image resolution.
  • LG 39-inch Digital TV – offers clear pictures, and has a sleek design.
  • Hotpoint 32” LED L32H100D

Always remember that your location, the strength of your antennae and the direction it is facing will determine the number of free to air channels that you can access. This means that having a strong aerial and facing it towards the location where digital TV receivers are located will enable you to access more channels.

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